Cecily King is the daughter of Alec King and Janet King, sister of Dan King and Felicity King. She is meek and gentle, and inclined to be shy. She is her father's favourite child, and incurs frail health by the end of The Golden Road, where it is hinted that she will die early.

"Cecily, who was eleven, was pretty also–or would have been had Felicity not been there. Felicity rather took the colour from other girls. Cecily looked pale and thin beside her; but she had dainty little features, smooth brown hair of satin sheen, and mild brown eyes, with just a hint of demureness in them now and again. We remembered that Aunt Olivia had written to father that Cecily was a true Ward–she had no sense of humour. We did not know what this meant, but we thought it was not exactly complimentary.

"Still, we were both inclined to think we would like Cecily better than Felicity. To be sure, Felicity was a stunning beauty. But, with the swift and unerring intuition of childhood, which feels in a moment what it sometimes takes maturity much time to perceive, we realized that she was rather too well aware of her good looks. In brief, we saw that Felicity was vain. " - The Story Girl ch.1