Rosemary West appears in the book Rainbow Valley. She is "tall and fair and placid", with warm golden hair "the colour of molasses taffy - as Di Blythe called it", friendly, tranquil blue eyes, "a high white forehead and a finely shaped face." (Rainbow Valley ch. 13)

"Rosemary West was always called a "sweet woman." She was so sweet that even her high-bred, stately air had never gained for her the reputation of being "stuck-up," which it would inevitably have done in the case of anyone else in Glen St. Mary. Life had taught her to be brave, to be patient, to love, to forgive. She had watched the ship on which her lover went sailing out of Four Winds Harbour into the sunset. But, though she watched long, she had never seen it coming sailing back. That vigil had taken girlhood from her eyes, yet she kept her youth to a marvellous degree. Perhaps this was because she always seemed to preserve that attitude of delighted surprise towards life which most of us leave behind in childhood--an attitude which not only made Rosemary herself seem young, but flung a pleasing illusion of youth over the consciousness of every one who talked to her" (Rainbow Valley ch. 13)

" 'People always have liked Rosemary West, though they don't understand her,' said Miss Cornelia, quite unconscious of the high tribute she was paying to Rosemary's charm." (Rainbow Valley ch. 2)

Rosemary West gives music lessons to the twins Nan Blythe and Di Blythe.

At the beginning of the book, Rosemary lives with her elder sister Ellen West, at a house on the hill near Rainbow Valley. She later marries John Meredith, and moves to the Glen Presbyterian Manse. She has a son, Bruce Meredith in Rilla of Ingleside

Rosemary's timeline

1861 - Ellen West, Rosemary's siter, is born

1871 - Rosemary born

1874 - AGE 3 - father dies

1879 - AGE 8 - Bruce West, Rosemary's brother (aged 12) dies

1888 - AGE 17 - Rosemary is engaged to Martin Crawford in spring. He is lost at sea when his ship wrecked on the Magdalens

1896 - AGE 25 - Rosemary's mother dies. Rosemary and Ellen vow never to marry.

1906 - AGE 35 - John Meredith courts her

1907 - AGE 36 - Rosemary weds John Meredith

1908 - AGE 37 - Rosemary gives birth to Bruce Meredith.